Sewer pipes and fittings

Sewer pipes and fittings EUROPLAST have been tested in the laboratory of certification and standardization of Ukraine and obtained the certificate of conformity є UA1.029.0012399-05. Products meet the requirements of TUU 25.2-31133085.001-2002. The use of polypropylene makes it possible to obtain products with improved technical and operational characteristics. This, above all, high temperature (resistant to short-term effects of hot water at 90 ∞ C), resistance to solvents and various chemicals.

Scope of polypropylene pipes and fittings to them:

  1. Internal sewage system
  2. The diversion of rain water and sewage
  3. The diversion of domestic wastewater

The advantage of using polypropylene pipes is justified by the following factors:

  • Ease of installation
  • No need for special equipment and tools
  • High speed assembly
  • Ease of transportation
  • Lack of sediment due to the smooth inner surface
  • Does not react with the chemicals contained in wastewater

Installation of drainage system is an operation consisting in conjunction with the ending of one flare pipe or other pipe fitting. The rubber seal provides double sides sealing compound.


  1.  You should make sure to clean the inside surface of the funnel, funnels, and the seal of the inserted pipe
  2. If necessary, cut the pipe, it must carry with finely toothed handsaw, strictly perpendicular
  3. After the cut it should be chamfered with a file at an angle of 15 ∞ C. The surface of the facets must be perfectly smooth to avoid damaging the rubber seal socket, into which is inserted into the pipe.
  4. Fittings in any case cannot be cut or shortened.
  5. The rubber seal can be lubricated with silicone grease only, or at least soap and water. Do not use mineral oils and greases.
  6. It is important to remember that the lack of depth of the input pipe into the socket may not provide a seal joints or cause a breach of integrity, leading to leakage pipe.

For the first time in the former USSRmastered new technology of manufacturing multilayer composite sewer pipe. The new pipe ø110 "EUROPLAST EKOPIPE Щї has the following advantages:

  1. High-strength composite, multilayer pipe of PP;
  2. The inner layer is made of polypropylene ensures removal of green waste with T up to 96 ˚ C (no more than 100 hours per year);
  3. Pipe wall thickness corresponds to GOST, DIN, UkrainianStandarts;
  4. The use of additives reduces the flammability to the group G1;
  5. Introduction to the composite layer of antioxidants increases the operational period of the pipe up to 50 years;
  6. The unique formulation of the composite layer enables installation of sewerage systems at T up to -10 ˚ C;
  7. The new pipe ø110 LLC "EUROPLAST Ltd EKOPIPE Щї is equipped with a rubber gasket of the European quality.

Sewer pipes and fittings Sewer pipes and fittings